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Great for Children
Martial arts classes are great fun. But the physical movements of Martial Arts will also teach your child self defense, and enhance their strength and coordination. You will also see growth in their focus, attention span, concentration, and respect towards others. Martial Arts will give your child a strong sense of confidence, but it will also develop the discipline to never misuse his or her skills.

Great for Men and Women
Adults also find that the martial arts are great fun. But adults find many other aspects to appreciate. In today's society, it is becoming more important to learn self defense. In our Martial Arts program, you will learn a scientific and practical way to defend yourself utilizing leverage, balance, and knowledge. The longer you are a Martial Arts practioner, the greater your skill and confidence will become. Other benefits throughout your training are burning calories, developing strength, becoming physically fit, and relief from stress and tension by getting your mind away from daily routines. And as you develop as a Martial Artist, you will learn that the practice of Martial Arts is indeed an Art, and the perfection of skill is an intrinsically worthwhile endeavor.

At T-Kanes there are students from age 4 to age 70. We recommend Martial Arts for virtually anyone.