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Why Teach Several Styles?
There are literally hundreds of different styles of Martial Arts. At T-Kane's we teach a carefully selected cross section of four different styles, each from a different area of Martial Arts. This allows you to receive a broader range of skills and a better understanding of yourself with the Martial Arts. You will learn all four of the following styles with your training:

White Tiger Kung Fu
White Tiger Kung-Fu is a Chines style of self defense. It uses soft and flowing techniques to take an attacker's strength and momentum, redirect it, and use it against the attacker himself. Another main focus of White Tiger Kung Fu is the utilization of striking points on the body that do not require much power to disable a much larger attacker. White Tiger Kung Fu is excellent for improving grace, balance, and coordination.

Kenpo Karate
Kenpo was developed in the 1950s by the late Grandmaster Ed Parker (1931-1990) in Hawaii, and includes influences from a wide variety of styles, including Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese Karate, and Japanese Jujutsu. Kenpo has been featured in over 11 movies including: The Perfect Weapon, Street Knight, and Memorial Day. Kenpo is a practical form of street self defense breaking any situation down to it's minimum so you can escape unharmed. Kenpo does not require any special athletic ability or skill to begin, but it will help build your timing and strength.

Tae Kwon Do
Tae Kwon Do, probably the most well known form of Martial Arts, originated in Korea and has a strong emphasis on power and strength. Tae Kwon Do helps develop focus along with power, building strong flexible legs able to execute powerful kicks. Tae Kwon Do is also the newest Martial Art to be recognized as an official event in the Olympics.

Kickboxing is Martial Art which has its main focus on fighting techniques. Within the regular classes we focus more on a non-contact training and conditioning workout. Kickboxing borrows upper body conditioning methods from Western Boxing and adds the flexibility and leg strength of the Martial Arts. Kickboxing helps develop power and proper techniques in your basic striking skills and, along with the other three styles is a great form of exercise.